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Many people who are new to computers and the internet are concerned about what is safe to do online and what is not. We will help you secure your computer against internet threats and guide you to safer surfing, a combination that will ensure your peace of mind while using the internet, whether you are just surfing, shopping or banking online.

Ease Of Use

The software that is available on this web site has been made far easier to ensure that you get what you want, so many web sites divert you to other things and thus many people can end up in trouble by installing software that will cause issues.

All That You Need

Basically this web site has all you need to help you feel safe and to assist you in the smooth running of any PC.

We all need an antivirus software and there are a few to choose from. Some are only trials some are paid for and some are totally free, but just because it's free does not mean you are not protected.

Some older XP pc's with minimal amount of CPU and Ram will struggle a little with the more modern antivirus on offer today. Always make totally sure that before you install another antivirus that you have totally removed the original one. To delete the other version you can use what comes provided with Windows in the Control Panel or there is other software like Revo Uninstaller.

There are cleaning tools too that are an excellent help in removing old and unwanted files with a click of a button. I have used all of the ones that are listed on this web site and have found them all to do an excellent job. It is very rare that cleaning tools will hinder your Windows Operating system from working correctly, but many use the software listed on this web site without issues.


If you are totally unsure as to what to do, please don't hesitate for a moment to ask as i am just an email away with free & friendly advise.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

Tim's Pcs offer a wonderful repair & maintenance service in the Nottinghamshire area of Worksop S80 2AE. Please take a moment to look at the web site to see the excellent prices. Tim's Pcs always go that extra mile to make sure your experence is a positive one and to ensure your computer is as safe as possible.
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