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Antivirus Software Page
Antivirus Software Software Version Date Origin Direct Download File Size AV Removal Tools
Cleaning Tools Avast Antivirus 19.1.4142 05-01-2019 ClickMe Download 334 MB AV Removal Tool
Handy Tools AVG Antivirus 32bit 18.7.4041.0 08-11-2018 ClickMe Download 276 MB AV Removal Tool
Malware Removal AVG Antivirus 64bit 18.7.4041.0 08-11-2018 ClickMe Download 284 MB AV Removal Tool
Web Browsers Avira Antivirus 07-11-2018 ClickMe Download 116 MB  
  BitDefender Antivirus 11-11-2018 ClickMe Download 9.52 MB AV Removal Tool
  Comodo Antivirus 07-11-2018 ClickMe Download 5.32 MB  
  Eset Internet Sec 32bit 11-11-2018 ClickMe Download 96.0 MB AV Removal Tool
  Eset Internet Sec 64bit 11-11-2018 ClickMe Download 100 MB AV Removal Tool
  Kaspersky 2018 11.11.2018 ClickMe Download 154 MB AV Remover Tool
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